Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

While people were getting accustomed to shopping online for essentials and electronic needs, there was a wave of trend guiding us to grocery shopping online. This is a big hit as people can order groceries online at the comfort of their couch, without cropping up supermarkets and shops. That said, it comes with some disadvantages to it as well, which we will find out further in this article.

Pros of grocery shopping online

Double-check inventory: We’ve all been in the situation where we get so caught up by all the items in the surroundings that we forget the main item we had to purchase. By shopping for groceries online, you can get rid of such hassles. Did you forget something? No problem, it is just a click away, and you can add to your inventory.

Save money: Instead of buying unnecessary items like an extra can of soda or two more blocks of cheese, you can stick to what you actually want and exit once you buy them. Online grocery shopping leads to mindful shopping, saving both time and money.

Shop when required: Most online grocery shopping websites promise to deliver the items within six hours of ordering. If you have no time to run to the grocery store and get the essentials required for dinner, then you can just sit at you workplace and order the items you want. Hence, you can order at your own time zone.

Convenience reigns supreme: With all the points mentioned above, it all comes down to the satisfaction of buying the product or the item you want, at your convenience and grocery shopping proves to be convenient.

Cons of grocery shopping online

Miss the joy of the hunt: Be it grocery or any kind of shopping, searching for the items, or rather hunting for the things you need is all the fun you need. But by shopping online, you miss out on the central part – fun.

Overpriced: Some o the grocery items we get online, are a bit overpriced than the regular once available at the store. You either have to compromise for cost or quality when you’re shopping online.



Finding the right item: Everything that you find in the store might not be available online. It can be a bit frustrating when it happens, especially when you’re shopping for groceries. Hence, you always end up buying the cheaper version or an exact substitute for the item.

Will not know the quality: If you’re buying apples, for instance, all you can do is choose the quantity and order them, but you can never know the quality of these apples until they’re delivered to you. It sounds ridiculous to shop for something you’re going to eat, with the knowledge of the item’s quality or produce.

You have to think ahead: Like already mentioned, you have to plan well in advance for your next lunch or dinner recipe. Delivery generally takes within 6-12 hours, and hence it is essential to plan beforehand.

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