Foreign Students Fall into a State of Uncertainty: The Changes in the US Visa Regulations

One of the biggest questions that linger in the minds of millions of international students in the US now is that of their longevity in these foreign grounds. As the coronavirus outbreak brought about plenty of changes to the entire world, the US also had to go through quite a few regulations that made life a bit different. But in the last three months, it wasn’t just the pandemic that meddled with the peace in the country. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and riots was a game-changer in the history of the country, and now the news of Kanye West contesting for the Presidential elections has taken the world by a storm.

As most people have found their comfort in lounging over their couches all day long, some are still struggling to live with this reality. The ones who are being targeted now are the international students who flew from the homeland to this country of dreams to build their career. With the latest changes brought to the visa regulations, many of these students are facing a hard time preparing to face these challenges.

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Trump’s Far-Reaching Impositions

Returning to an American institution has been put under the haze now as the directive by the Trump administration aims at pushing the students who are pursuing their courses on the online platforms. They would be stripped of their visas as the classes are moving online without much relevance for the existence of institutes. While the students seem targeted and eyed for the clear attempt of riding them off from the grounds for a stable future after the pandemic, the universities look onto this move by the government as a political attempt to put pressure on them to reopen.

Many of the students consider this as a flaw in the logistics of the country and its institutions. However, the ones who have spent a chunk of their parents’ earnings on their studies and are from countries that have insufficient technologies to aid online learning are facing the hardest time with their future having been seemingly altered. In-person classes for international students might seem like an improbable program, and millions of students can get affected badly. The unprecedented pandemic has hampered the students who were about to complete their program this year, and this directive has further added uncertainty to their lives.

Trump’s Far-Reaching

Some of them are rueful about the decision of opting for the university in America over the prestigious ones in their homeland. Thousands of students have signed petitions in an attempt to demand the government to rethink about this directive. A few universities have stated that this move is political and that it will subside as the in-person classes are enabled. Some other institutes are reconsidering the policy of reopening with the in-person sessions for international students. They have also been trying to ease the fears of the students and their parents by claiming that the situation will change as soon as the issue is presented to the government.

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