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Tuesday 08th of November 2011

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April 30, 2009

Unplugged Living: eco-friendly and good for the soul

by David Masters

A small but growing number of young professionals in the US are choosing to live 'unplugged' - without a TV or Internet connection. These young adults are unplugging for the sake of their own happiness, carving time out of the virtual world of soap operas and facebook, giving that time to real world things they love to do. With the average American spending three hours per day watching TV or browsing ...

April 3, 2009

G20 Campaigners claim brutal police attack

by David Masters

According to G20 campaigners, police brutally attacked peaceful climate change campaigners in London this week, damaging tents, bicycles, and personal belongings, and leaving several protesters with injuries. The environmental campaigners had set up a 'climate camp' in London to coincide with the G20 summit of world leaders. Riot police, mounted police, police dogs, riot vans, and surveillance helicopters were used to forcibly hold peaceful campaigners around the capital within specific small areas. This ...

February 25, 2009

Eco-holidays: Stay in a straw-bale cabin

by David Masters
Sustainability Environment

With many holiday makers planning to save money this year by taking their vacation in the UK, one eco-friendly option is the Straw Bale Cabin in East Yorkshire. Built by former accountant turned eco-architect Carol Atkinson, the Straw Bale Cabin is the UK's first straw-bale holiday home. The walls of the cabin were built using locally grown straw, whilst the roof and other building components were made with renewable materials. Power ...

February 20, 2009

Green news reading: online or in print?

by David Masters

According to a little known 2007 study, reading news online has about the same environmental impact as reading a print newspaper. The Sweden-based research team measured the environmental impact of online and print news. For print, they measured the carbon emissions from editorial work, producing the newsprint, transporting paper to printer, recycling the paper, and disposing of papers that don't get recycled. For online, they measured emissions from editorial work, online ...

January 30, 2009

Think whilst you drink

by David Masters

Water Glass A drinking glass created by Ukrainian-born designer Inna Alesina forces users to think about the different between needs and wants, and to act upon the wastage created by excess want. The bottom half of the glass is labelled 'need', and the top half, 'want'. A hole in the top half allows water to escape - demonstrating the unnecessary waste of an overconsuming society based ...

January 21, 2009

Bike, Boat, Car: 3 cutting-edge eco-vehicles

by David Masters

Backpack Bike German Bike 'Der Bergmönch' folds down into an easy-carry backpack. Weighing in at just 9.5kg and designed for off-road use, it's ideal for campers, hikers and other adventurous types. It has no pedals, though, so it's best for those who like climbing hills, but would prefer an easy ride for the descent. Brakes are included, and the backpack has 12 litres of free space for lunch and a waterproof ...

January 2, 2009

Credit crunch inspires sustainable living revolution

by David Masters

It's happening already. The credit crunch - which was fuelled by people taking on unsustainable levels of debt - is forcing people to think about living more sustainably. According to a new study by the Association of British Insurers, Brits are making New Year's resolutions to save money, rather than spending everything they have and more in a fashion that fuels the flames of unsustainable consumption. What's more, people in the ...

December 18, 2008

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Money This Christmas

by David Masters

1. Make Your Own Decorations Making Christmas decorations is great fun for kids and adults alike, and is a brilliant exercise in family bonding during the holiday season. Home-made decorations are extra special because there's more meaning to them than shop bought tinsel and stars. For maximum eco-friendliness, keep the decorations for future Christmases. That way, there will always be a story to tell each year when you get them ...

November 7, 2008

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Women

by Brian Turner

It can be really hard to find something fun, intelligent, romantic and outright thoughtful for a woman. I know I struggle with it sometimes, so I've been doing my shopping early this year to get a few things in. Here are a few sample ideas you may find useful as well - I know I did. :)

1. Slanket I don't ...

May 21, 2008

Why you should recycle your mobile phones

by Fion MacCloud

Did you know there are schemes in place that will allow you to recycle your old mobile phones, but get paid to do so? Most recycling and reuse schemes depend entirely on the good will of the person providing used goods for recycling. There’s no cash incentive, just a sense of trying to do something right. Re-use of mobile phones is different because it actually provides a cash incentive to recycle, which ...