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Tuesday 08th of November 2011

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Activists dump horse dung on Jeremy Clarkson’s doorstep

by David Masters
September 21, 2009
Transport Environment

Climate change activists this week dumped a cartload of manure outside Jeremy Clarkson’s home in protest of his attitude to the environment.

The seven protesters from direct action group Climate Rush were dressed as suffragettes and stood by the manure pile with a banner reading “This is what you’re landing us in”.

The activists said they were being as “”blasé” about dumping manure as Top Gear presenter Clarkson is about carbon emissions.

“I’m dumping dung at Clarkson’s gates so he might understand that his attitude will land us all in the s***,” said Climate Rush spokesperson Tamsin Omond.

Omond, who was once arrested for scaling the House of Commons in protest against Heathrow expansion, added: “If we keep on loving the fossil-fuelled lifestyle then by the time I hit 49 the world will be too busy coping with the impact of climate change to bother about how big an engine is possible.”

Climate Rush activists are currently touring the UK in a horse and cart to raise awareness of the need to tackle climate change.

They’re collecting their “emissions” from the journey and using them to protest against companies and individuals who stand in the way of fighting climate change.

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  1. I wonder if they’d be kind enough to drop a trailer load outside my gate? It would save me having to buy the stuff for my (organic) vegetable patch.

    Comment by Phil — November 5, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

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