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Tuesday 08th of November 2011

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Scotish Scientists call for 40% cut in emissions

by Alan Harten
September 19, 2009

Two Scottish scientists yesterday joined along with other scientists to bring the count up to 40 leading boffins around the world who call for emissions to be cut by 40%. They are asking that global leaders unit to take action to prevent climate change from getting worse.

The group of scientists each signed a statement that was endorsed by climate luminaries such as Sir John Houghton and organized by the WWF. The statement calls for countries that are industrialized to commit to lowering their CO2 emissions by 40% at the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit by the year 2020.

The group believes this is the only way to keep post industrial warming temperatures from increasing to above 2C which would cause climate change to become potentially lethal and dangerous.
The WWF Scotland Climate Policy Officer Sam Gardner stated that as the UK government is working with the UK to reduce their emissions before the mark that will be set at Copenhagen other countries and world leaders need to act as well.

He went on to say that industrialized nations need to ensure that their agreement is not just grandstanding, but that all countries pledge to reach below 40% of their current emissions or the world may be facing the worst damage from climate change yet.

At the same time, despite the fact that storms in China are increasing and typhoons are becoming more deadly, China’s senior climatologist said that a 2C rise in temperature will not be as calamitous as predicted.

According to the general director of the Beijing Climate Centre, Xiao Ziniu, it is still too early to predict what will happen. He also stated that in the history of China the country has experienced warmer temperatures than today.

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