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Sunday 21st of December 2014

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Obama wants 10 mpg more from all new cars

by Alan Harten
May 27, 2009

On Monday, Barack Obama passed legislation that will place limitations on car emissions and will force US and foreign auto makers to design more fuel efficient vehicles.

The new legislation dictates that all new cars must offer at least 35.5 mpg by the year 2016 in order to reduce US carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 30%.

Obama told governors, executives, and environmentalists that the new policy will help the economy, as it has struggled too much due to its dependence on oil, and at the same time reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions from vehicles, which is the first step towards a green friendly nation.

Environmentalists have welcomed the new policy, which will be enforced by the EPA, as the best step Obama has taken since he became president towards reducing the global warming threat.

The average car currently runs at 25mpg so a ten mile increase is the new mandate in the US where a quarter of global warming emissions comes from personal vehicles.

The act will reduce CO2 emissions by about 900m tones which is equivalent to closing 194 coal plants across the nation or reducing the amount of vehicles in the United States by 58 million.

The plan will also mandate that auto makers should make cars 5% more fuel efficient each year, beginning in 2012, and will release $50b in loan money for the auto industry pledged by the Democrats if this act became a part of legislature.

Representatives of the Safe Climate Campaign noted that the bill will lead to people using less gas on a whole even if they do not reduce driving habits, which is a very positive way to combat a growing problem.

The new legislation affects trucks as well, as they will have to run at 30mpg as opposed to the current standard of 23mpg.

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