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Sunday 25th of January 2015

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Shell shells out $5.8 million in pollution claim

by Alan Harten
April 27, 2009

Royal Dutch Shell reached a landmark settlement in court on Thursday, in the city of Houston, Texas, that requires the oil company to reduce air pollutant emissions by 80% in three years, upgrade the chemical processing units at its factory, and pay a fine of $5.8 million US dollars for its blatant air pollution.

The refinery involved in the lawsuit with several environmental groups is located in Deer Park, Texas near the Gulf coast.

In order to fulfil the terms of the settlement the refinery must reduce greenhouse emissions approximately by 750, 000 pounds a year.

The Sierra Club and Environment Texas will monitor the air quality and emissions to make sure this standard is met.

The fines will be used for public health funding projects throughout Texas.

Shell volunteered to the agreement, according to a statement from the company in which they announced pleasure over ending litigation and working towards providing benefits to the area’s public interests.

The lawsuit, ongoing since last year, over Shell’s disregard for the Clean Air Act, should serve as a reminder to all oil companies in the Gulf Coast of the need to maintain proper air pollution standards, Neil Carmen of the Sierra Club group stated in a press release.

Before the settlement can be considered legally binding, the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency and the District Court of Texas must approve.

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