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Sunday 21st of December 2014

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Gore Pushes For Real Green Action

by Alan Harten
April 27, 2009

Al Gore, author of the Nobel Prize winning book ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and former United States vice-president, met with the House Energy and Commerce Committee to discuss action against greenhouse emissions and climate change.

However, he was met with arguments between the leading two American political parties, Democrats and Republicans, about the costs of attacking global warming, instead of initiatives about which way to proceed.

Gore attempted to advocate his belief that the issue of global warming supersedes global boundaries, in an effort to unite the partisan parties, to no avail, as Republicans argued that the Democrats’ plan to reduce greenhouse emissions would increase the cost of living and taxes on a strained economy.

Democrat Californian Henry Waxman retaliated by attacking the Republican party for using scare tactics and fear to dissuade people from supporting energy changes for fear of the high costs of the changes.

Gore continued to maintain throughout the arguments that the cost of energy would level out, and possibly reduce, once the transition was completed to non fossil fuel dependency, citing that the change could also produce jobs for Americans.

He also advocated that America pass the House Bill supporting major climate change resolutions in the United States, before the United Nations meeting in Copenhagen addressing the climate change crisis, to set a positive example as a world leader.

The House Bill before Representative will reduce US emissions back to their state in the early nineties, about 15% from the current rate by the year 2020.

It also includes massive reductions of carbon dioxide by 20% and an astounding 83% before the year 2050.

Additionally, all utility companies in American would have to produce at least 25% of their energy via renewable sources such as solar, wind, and biofuel sources by the year 2025.

State representatives, from areas that rely on energy production for jobs and industry, retorted that they will be sacrificing the welfare of their citizens, given that other competing industrial nations such as China will not follow the same rules, putting their factories at risk of international value.

President Barack Obama is said to endorse the bill, which will be voted on by May, but plans to revise some aspects such as where pollution allocations, if any, should be made to big businesses.

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