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Thursday 18th of December 2014

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Water meters springing up in every home?

by Alan Harten
April 2, 2009

Global warming and population explosion are affecting the water balance of the world, to such an extent that, very soon, the demand for drinking water will be far greater than the availability of it.

The worst hit area to date is the South East of England, and Wales is not far behind.

If nothing is done now, as the demand continues to rise by as much as 50% in the next 10 to 11 years, serious shortages will begin to surface.

Although the rapid changes in climate are likely to bring more rain over the coming years, it is also possible that the level of water in the rivers and lakes will go down by at least 10%.

The only way possible to combat water shortage fully, apart from bringing in environmental changes like cleaning river beds or by creating wetlands, is to install water meters in each and every household across the nation, especially in the South East.

Though the meter is common in European countries, in England and Wales only thirty out of every hundred households have them.

It is estimated that this form of natural resource can only be saved if the water meters are installed in every household by 2035 and by 2015 in counties which are already badly affected.

Though the cost of installing these meters will be shelled out by the tax payers, it will be cheaper than the water companies investing in new reservoirs.

The digital meters will not only show how much water a household has used, but also the cost and the amount of carbon emissions it has produced.

It has been proved that households with water meters typically consume 10% to 15% less water.

Every household in every county will have a specific quota of water consumption.

In a county where water is scarce, extra money might be charged for using water beyond the quota allotted, especially during the summer months.

It is not only the consumers but also the producers who have been brought under the scrutiny of the environmental watchdogs.

Several incentives will be provided in the future like reducing or removing VAT for the manufacturers of water efficient products like washing machines and so forth

In order to save water it is essential, according to the government, that every household installs a water meter and that the government takes action against those who waste water unnecessarily or who manufacture products that are detrimental to conserving water.

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