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Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

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President Bush lambasted for emissions policy

by Alan Harten
April 17, 2008

President Bush seems to have altered his position on targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. He now wants the US to halt the increase in emissions by 2025. The International Panel on Climate Change had called for wealthy countries to reduce emissions by up to 40% of 1990 levels by 2020.

This new announcement comes on the eve of climate change discussions in Paris. The new announcement was met with a hail of criticism from environmental groups who claimed that the US proposal was in fact, to do nothing. They also called on Bush to make the same effort as other wealthy nations on climate change.

Mr. Bush claimed that his new proposals were a balanced and rational response to the need to protect the environment. He also stated that the US needed to grow its economy, and the only way to do that was via continued technological advances.

He said the America had taken what he considered to be significant steps in the reduction of greenhouse gasses; he blamed the continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions in the US on population increases.

The European Union has already pledged to cut gasses regardless of any US or any other nations decisions. But they believe that US plans would mean that not only would emissions by the US not be reduced, they will continue to grow up until the 2025 deadline.

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