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Monday 26th of January 2015

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15mph speed limit in Eco Towns

by Alan Harten
April 4, 2008

The proposed new eco-towns could place a total ban on cars in town centres and reduce the maximum speed limit to 15mph in all other areas. The current lowest UK speed limit is 20mph.

The new proposal is aimed as being part of the national governments plans for low carbon emission communities, as announced recently in the Town and Country Planning Association green paper.

As many as 15 towns may be included in the new plan, which also includes other traffic the restrictions. This new traffic planning rules aim to meet strict CO2 emissions targets. The new eco-towns will be attempting to limit the use of private vehicles to just 25% of all in town journeys.

Other methods of getting around town such as public transport, bicycling and walking will take priority over private vehicle use. The new proposals would also like to see car ownership in these towns would be no more than 50% of the town’s total population. There will also be a sustained push for all vehicles to feature low emissions technology.

The new towns will have no more than 10,000 homes and will be designed with a concept that residents will be able to walk to school’s, shops and public facilities within 10 minutes.

Ten of these new towns are planned to be developed by 2020, with half of those being in place by 2016. There is already mounting opposition from local residents in areas which are bidding for eco-town status.

Long Mars-ton, in the Stratford-upon-Avon area, would like to see 6000 new properties go up on a former Ministry of Defence site. But locals argue that the proposals for the new eco-town would actually destroy large areas of outstanding natural beauty.

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