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Monday 22nd of December 2014

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Climate Camp planned to protest against coal power station

by Rachel Thomas
March 3, 2008

Today plans for a week long camp in Kingsnorth, in Kent, this summer were revealed by climate change activists unhappy with plans for a new coal-fired power station at the same site.

This ‘Camp for Climate Action’ is set to be held over the period August 4-11. The will be at the site where the German company E.On has planned to build a new £1 billion coal-fired power station. This is the first new coal-fired station the country will have seen in thirty years.

Last year the group held the camp at Heathrow airport and this year the protest is set to begin at this point. Protesters will then march across London to the site where the power station is set to be built. In addition, a day of direct action is planned at Kingsnorth on August 9th.

This year’s camp is set to illuminate the fact that corporations and the government are conspiring to expand the fossil fuel economy despite the fact that scientific evidence requests the opposite.

The group has announced that the camp is set to have thousands of attendee activists who will be able to go to numerous workshops over the period and take direct action on climate change.

A spokeswoman for the camp, Natasha Edleman, spoke of the fact that action is necessary to stop the power station being built. She discussed the detail that should this station be built, seven more will shortly follow. This corresponds to what Greenpeace has said on the matter.

The Medway council in Kent approved the power station plans in January and the government is at present debating whether to give the proposals the go ahead. Should the plant be approved, plans put estimations for the completion and running of the plant at 2012. The power station would generate enough energy to supply approximately 1.5million homes.

E.On UK has claimed that the two cleaner coal units would in fact produce more efficient energy, leading to roughly a 2 million tonne cut in carbon emissions per year.

Claims also stated that the plant could potentially aid Britain in the development of carbon capture and storage technology (CSS).

John Hutton, the business secretary, is predicted to have made a final decision on the proposals within the next six weeks.

Green groups disagree with E.On UK’s claims. They think that plans will go against government targets to reduce emissions by 60% by 2050.

But green groups say the plans are at odds with the government’s targets to reduce emissions by 60% by 2050, and will undermine investment in renewable energy.

Greenpeace has stated that if the plant goes ahead, 8 million tonnes of CO2 will be emitted per year. According to the group this will make it one of the most polluting plants in Europe.

The camp at Kingsnorth is only one of eight camps worldwide this summer that all target coal. Other dates include April 1 (fossil fools day), May 1 (Mayday), and June 3 (action on food and climate change). The camp also aims to target the problems within the biofuels industry.

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