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Saturday 12th of November 2018

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Environment News:


Search for Green Champion begins

The search is on to find one person to be the voice of ordinary Brits on the environment. TV star Melanie Sykes launched the campaign to find the Green Voice of Great Britain in London on 24 September. The... [Read more]

Green Energy News


Biofuel Britain powered by willow trees and exotic grass

Fields of coppice willow and exotic grass could help to meet the UK’s energy needs and reduce carbon emissions. New research published this week found the traditional practise of coppicing could... [Read more]

More Environment Headlines:

  • Airlines announce “sneaky” greenwash carbon pledge
  • Europe ditches proposals for humane livestock transport
  • Activists dump horse dung on Jeremy Clarkson’s doorstep
  • French study shows organic food is healthier
  • Northern Ireland reveals climate concern

More Energy Headlines:

  • Save on energy bills by upgrading your fridge
  • Recession impedes energy efficient IT
  • Engineer shortage threatens UK’s low-carbon future
  • Wind power “pivotal” for Northern Ireland
  • Buy replacement bed slats from recycled materials
  • Solar panels add value to UK homes

Fairtrade News:


Ombudsman to discipline supermarket bullies

Anti-poverty groups and farmers’ unions have welcomed calls from the Competition Commission for an independent Ombudsman to be appointed to oversee supermarkets’ treatment of suppliers. Supermarkets... [Read more]

Transport News


Airlines announce “sneaky” greenwash carbon pledge

The aviation industry has pledged to slash carbon dioxide emissions in half over the next 40 years. The agreement between airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturers will see emissions cut 50% compared... [Read more]

More Fairtrade Headlines:

  • Direct Mail recycle and RIP
  • Humble cuckoo, latest UK bird victim
  • Conference on fair trade begins
  • Human rights protesters gatecrash Primark opening
  • Businesswoman from Rub and Scrub sets up eco-shop during recession

More Transport Headlines:

  • Activists dump horse dung on Jeremy Clarkson’s doorstep
  • Public transport key to fighting global warming
  • Boris recruits Kelly Brook to promote London’s Skyride
  • Green traffic lights across London
  • Christian Aid: Biofuels are eco-scandal

Green Home News:


French study shows organic food is healthier

Organic food is better for you, according to a new report from the French food agency. The AFSSA report claimed organic plants product more dry matter, minerals and anti-oxidents. Between 94% and 100%... [Read more]

Money News


Wales ahead of schedule on landfill targets

Welsh councils have smashed recycling targets a year ahead of schedule. Figures published this week show Wales sent 599,703 tonnes of biodegradable waste to landfill in 2008/09, 24% less than its target... [Read more]

More Green Home Headlines:

  • Northern Ireland reveals climate concern
  • Public fed up with “self-righteous” environmentalists
  • Queen told to give up land for allotments
  • Consumers embrace tinted recycled glass
  • Save on energy bills by upgrading your fridge

More Money Headlines:

  • UN puts a figure on Global Warming costs
  • Samsung sees “green” as money grubbing opportunity
  • Eco Building
  • Beautiful countryside vital for environment and economy
  • Carbon focused eco-businesses risk wasted opportunities